"Company Profile"

 Paydar Sazan Aria Co.

Paydar Sazan Company was established in sep 2005 as a certified contractor for ِDesign, Supervision and execution of Construction Projects including Building, Hydraulic Structures, Road, Mechanical and electrical works, Industrial and Building equipment, Transmission lines & HV substations, medicine and medical cleanrooms & General Civil Works.

Certificates & memberships:
-Grading in Iranian MPO. (Management & Programming Organization) contractors’ classification:
The qualication is in construction of residential, commercial, industrial & public buildings.
-Member of Syndicate of Iran construction companies.
-TUV-inter cert for :
* BS OHSAS 18001-2007
* ISO 14001:2004
* ISO/TS 29001:2010
* ISO 9001:2008

Subsidiary companies:



Which is the sister company of the Paydarsazan established & directed by owners in Greece. The main activities are as below.

a. civil projects and related operations, civil works and road construction, consultant, supervision, control,
execution, renovate and operation, trading and rendering maintenance services, construction and
reconstruction of residential, office, business and industrial buildings, factories, hospitals, and installation of all
mechanical and electrical installations, and their industrial automation, import, export and trading which are
directly and/or indirectly related to the company’s scope of activity,
b. Real Estate business including property development and commercial exploitation.
c. Investment in real estates and propertie and purchasing shares of the related companies,
d. Consultancy services to clients, including asibility study and business development plans,

e. Designing and supervision services and implementation of technical — engineering and administrative financial projects, preparing explanatory plans, consultancy services in industrial, commercial and financial affairs.


Parmida Borj Architectures Company


As a subsidiary company contractor for Interior design & implementation of decoration for Residential, PublicBuildings, with exploiting the most modern methods.


The Company is proud to have been able to obtain the agency of international famous companies as Knauf (for Dry walls, False ceiling ...) , Kronotex(for Flooring & Parquetry) , Krono Green MDF Lining & Eijffinger Wall papers.


Parmida Borj is also equipped with modern machineries for cabinet making,HDF & PVC Laminated Doors & Corrin solid surfaces.


Current projects

1)  Construction of Baran Tower (Phase 2)  -Iran- Tehran as contractor

2)  Design &Construction of Morvarid 3 residential Building (989 Square meters) -Iran- Tehran as contractor & owner.

3)  Design &Construction of AVAPEZESHK IV canulla hall -Iran- Ashtian industrial park, as EPC contractor:

Implemented projects

Industrial buildings

1)  Design & Construction of AVAPEZESHK Industrial complex,( MANUFACTURER OF DISPOSABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT) -Iran- Ashtian industrial park , as EPC contractor:

-Clean rooms: 15000 Square meters

-Manufacturing, Laboratory, quality control& packing rooms: 6000 Square meters

-Sterilizing room: 1000 Square meters

-Utility rooms: 2000 Square meters

-Kitchen & self service: 1500 Square meters

-Raw material & Product Storage: 10000 Square meters

-Official Buildings: 1200 Square meters

-   General civil works & infrastructures as High voltage substations, water storage &   Wastewater treatment Tanks, Gas pressure reduction station…

-Site preparation, landscaping & peripheral wall construction: 100000 Square meters

2)         Design &Construction of Tak Negin  Factory-Iran- Eshtehard industrial park  as contractor

3)         Design &Construction of Aria Orkid Pars Factory – Iran- eshtehard industrial park as contractor

4)         Design &Construction of water reservoir for ghiz galesi dam hydraulic model (client: Water Research  institute – ministry of Energy)

5)         Design &Construction of water reservoir for irrigation (client: Water Research institute – ministry of Energy)

Residential, commercial & public buildings

1)         Design &Construction of Morvarid residential Building (1545 Square meters) -Iran- Tehran as contractor

2)         Design & Construction of Lidoma3  residential Complex (5400 Square meters) -Iran- Tehran as Owner and builder

3)         Design & Construction of 914&915 Nobonyad  residential Buildings (1600 Square meters) -Iran- Kish island as Owner and builder

4)         Design &Construction of Mahmudiye residential Building (916 Square meters) -Iran- Tehran Cost-Plus Contract.

5)         Design & Construction of Paydar residential Complex (10000 Square meters site) -Iran- Damavand as Contractor & Financer.

6)         Design &Construction of Zanbagh residential Building (2200 Square meters) -Iran- Tehran Cost-Plus Contract.

7)         Design &Construction of Jolfa residential Building (1400 Square meters) -Iran- Tehran Cost-Plus Contract.

8)         Construction of Lidoma1 residential Building (2230 Square meters) -Iran- Tehran as Owner and builder

9)         Construction of Pars Saman Mehr Company Head office Building (2400 Square meters) -Iran- Tehran as contractor

10)      Construction of Daliri residential Building (1700 Square meters) -Iran- Tehran as contractor

11)      Construction of Moazami residential Building-Phase 2 (30000 Square meters) -Iran- Tehran as contractor

12)      Design & Construction of AVA Multi Equipment Company Head office Building  -Iran- Tehran as contractor

13)      Supervising on Structure construction of Kian Hotel (36000 Square meters) -Iran- Tehran as contractor

14)      Roofing of Gajere resort  -Iran- Tehran as contractor

15)      Construction of Hekmat Guidance School (1200 Square meters) -Iran- Ray. Cost-Plus Contract.

Other implemented projects

16)      Construction  of  Zehtabi  63/20 KV Substation (civil works) -Iran- Tehran province . as contractor

17)      Construction  of  Access Road for  Hashtgerd  230/63/20 KV Substation) -Iran- Hashtgerd   as contractor